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for pain, stress and illness

Mindfulness skills 


Breathworks Mindfulness skills help you manage pain, illness and fatigue using:

  • breath-based meditation and body awareness,

  • a gentle movement program and pacing,

  • and meditation practices using self-compassion and empathy to others.

Both Breathworks courses are offered in Beachport: Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress. These are 8 week, non-residential courses, where participants meet each week for group teaching, mindfulness training and guided meditations. All courses are facilitated by Dr Chris Waite and Linda Carter-Shepherd.

This course is suitable for anyone living with pain, illness or stress that is impacting on their health. Courses are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

Participants are encouraged to complete guided meditations twice daily at home and exercises designed to bring mindfulness into their daily lives.

Information about Breathworks UK can be found on their website. Mindfulness research articles can be accessed here.


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At present one-on-one sessions in Mindfulness Training are not available with Dr Chris Waite. Linda Carter-Shepherd does offer this service (phone 0421 968 481).

Mindfulness for Health (& Pain)

Online: Next Group Course, 2019.

Enquiries and expressions of interest welcome.

To book a place on a course please contact us.

All Beachport courses are held at:

St Matthews Uniting Church

17 Foster Street

Beachport SA 5280

Upcoming Courses
Mindfulness for Health (& Pain)

Beachport: Next Group Course, 2019.

Enquiries and expressions of interest welcome.

To book a place on a course please contact us.

Looking for a Breathworks Course in Adelaide? Contact Jo Bothma via her website

Drop-In Meditation Group



Each Monday night, a guided-meditation session is held at at St Matthews Uniting Church, Foster Street, Beachport. Starting at 7pm and for 45 minutes. 

Sessions are open to anyone wishing to experience meditation in a group setting. This does not form part of the Breathworks Program, but Breathworks Course Participants are welcome to attend. Previous meditation experience is not necessary to attend the Drop-In Group.

Guided meditations will include: Body-Scans, Mindfulness of Breathing, and Kindly Awareness Meditations. Sessions are guided by Dr Chris Waite.

Chairs will be provided for meditation. Participants are welcome to bring their own meditation stools, mats and blankets. Please bring 1-2 pillows or cushions to rest your feet on or to support your head and knees if lying down.

Entry is by gold coin donation.

To find out more contact us, or contact Hazel Watson.This does not form part of the Breathworks Program.

Drop In Meditation Timetable

When invited to a meditation course I was free of pain from any major effects, so thought it was not for me. Involved in lots of things like meetings, volunteering and exercises, there never seemed to be enough energy… well that all changed with meditation. 

It has given me energy, a way of life so new - as well as being kinder to myself, a great awareness of my breath and body, as well as outside suroundings. The CD’s are a great help and guide.  I cannot imagine my life without meditation. Thank you.

Hazel, Beachport SA (2017)

“Mindfulness has given me a quality of life that I have not had for many years. Life is good again”


Chris, Millicent (June 2014)

The Breathworks course continues to make a huge impact on my life, both at home & at school.  Being involved in this course has been so much more beneficial than all the counsellors & other people that I have been sent to work with! I have had to deal with a huge range of various issues & Dr Chris Waite needs to be congratulated for the care, enthusiasm & knowledge that he brings to this course. I feel extremely privileged to have taken part in it & I genuinely hope this comes across as a glowing statement as that is my full intention!"

Clarrie Squire Millicent SA (2017)

"When beginning Mindfulness I was surprised how much internal peace I gained from it that also permeated through the rest of my day.”

Melissa, Beachport (2017)